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Long Breaks | 6 nights

Suggested Itinerary

Southern India

| Andaman Islands

Day 2: In Havelock Island

In the morning, you transfer to Barefoot Scuba to participate in the world’s most popular introduction to diving – the PADI Discover Scuba Dive Course. This entry-level program allows you to experience the magic of being and breathing underwater. A briefing of equipment and basic breathing skills, followed by a practice session in shallow water prepares you for the experience of a lifetime. You’ll explore wonderful coral reef, feel the amazing weightlessness of diving, and see things you’ve never seen before…all on your first dive. The constant supervision and guidance of your PADI certified dive masters and instructors make this the perfect first step towards satisfying your curiosity of the sea. DSD skills may be credited towards the PADI Scuba Diver and Open Water courses.


After lunch, return to the resort and chill for the rest of the day.

Day 5: In Havelock Island

Places: Havelock Island; Port Blair  Activities: Snorkelling at Elephant Beach; doing the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course, snorkelling safari to South Button; sea kayaking in Havelock's mangroves

Uncover the many exciting facets of one of India’s most intrepid destinations – the Andaman Islands. Discover the hidden treasures of the islands’ underwater world on a snorkelling trip. Go on safari to a distant island pinnacle and snorkel in gin-clear tropical waters, where endless colourful fish play hide and seek with you. Take a kayaking trip in the languid mangrove creeks of Havelock or explore island culture in its markets and cafes. Plunge into an introductory course to scuba diving. Or find other ways to get your lips wet – like sipping your favourite sundowners in the lounge bar of your resort!

Fly into Port Blair from Chennai or Kolkata. Transfer to a hotel for breakfast, and then to the pier for your morning ferry to Havelock. Or else, explore Port Blair and its surroundings, maybe making a quick dash to Ross Island, the old British capital of the islands, followed by lunch and then the afternoon ferry to Havelock Island. On arrival, transfer to your boutique retreat on Beach No. 7.

Go snorkelling at Elephant Beach, just 40 min by boat from your resort or a 45minute trek through the forest. This beach offers snorkelers calm blue shallow waters and is the perfect spot for snorkellers of all skills. The boat goes right up to the beach and it’s so easy to slip on your gear and just start snorkelling. It’s also a great place to just spend the day lying on the beach and relaxing. The beach is very scenic with fallen trees and white sand giving the photographer some interesting shots. The reef here starts very close to shore at a depth of about 1m. The large reef is mostly made up of hard coral and has plenty of marine life.

Day 1: Arrive into Port Blair. Transfer to Havelock Island



Solos & Couples | Visit August - May | Fly to Port Blair

Andaman Explorer

All Andaman offers are available on pro-rata basis.

Spend the morning chilling-out at the resort. Explore the island’s villages and have lunch at a chic brasserie. In the afternoon, take the ferry back to Port Blair.

Day 6: Transfer to Port Blair

Day 3: In Havelock Island

Today, you can go paddling in a kayak on a 3-hour trip through the mangroves of Havelock. Your launch point is near the bridge at Village No.6 at the heart of the island, from where you enter the creek. You then kayak your way, over the winding waterway network, to Havelock jetty (1 - 2 hrs), cruising on the longest inland waterway system at Havelock. The creek is home to more than 10 varieties of mangrove trees and is an ecosystem of its own. The initially narrow inland creek progressively widens as you progress towards the sea-mouth near the Lighthouse, and the last leg of the journey is uplifting as you are in sight of open sea before turning towards the jetty, where a vehicle will be waiting to take you back to your resort.


In the afternoon, relax at your resort, perhaps enjoying a pampering ayurvedic massage. Or grab a pair of binoculars and spot some of the Andaman’s endemic birds in the resort environs.

Day 4: In Havelock Island

Your snorkelling safari takes you to South Button Island, a tiny islet that rises 10m out of the ocean and ringed with a stunning coral garden that slopes away from the island into the deep blue. The waters are gin-clear and the currents almost non-existent. The coral diversity is among the best in the islands and fish life is prolific. The southern side of the island has an exquisite coral garden and many interesting grottoes. The eastern side boasts a beautiful expanse of coral garden in less than 12m of water.


There is no beach, no easy access onto the island itself and no landing ashore permitted for risk of damaging corals, so the only accessible ‘dry land’ for snorkelers is the boat they come on. Snorkelers usually swim circuits around the island (20 mins approx) in an anticlockwise direction, a truly rewarding experience as South Button is fringed with corals on all sides, with different species dominating different sections of the reef. The island itself is home to a family of white-bellied sea eagles, one of the largest raptors found in India.

Transfer to the airport and fly home.

Day 7: Fly home

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