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Golden Triangle

| Essential Advice

Milesworth in the Golden Triangle

When to Go

The best time to go to the Golden Triangle is from August to March. During this period, the weather is tolerable with some variability. The winter months of December to February can be brutally cold at night, but can go up to a balmy 18-20 deg C by day. Delhi and Jaipur tend to experience dry but foggy weather. But this is the busiest time on the Triangle.


The months of October, November and March are excellent - the weather is pleasant with no extremes and warm sunny days. August and September does bring some showers, but its never too difficult to travel unlike India's west coast. This is also a good time, because prices of hotels are lower than in October.


From April to July, its hot - very hot!  Expect to spend early mornings or late afternoons outdoors visiting the sights, and then staying indoors for the median daylight hours.  A hotel with a nice pool is a worthy luxury to pay for!

Getting There

By air: New Delhi is connected practically with all the destinations in India and blessed with a huge number of international connections. Do try and avoid taking early morning flights into or out of Delhi in the months of December to February, as the airports are plagued with fog delays and flight cancellations. Jaipur is also connected by air with Mumbai, Delhi and other cities.

Don't Forget...

A good sunscreen, dark glasses, comfortable walking shoes and wide-brimmed hat for the 'monumental' walks. A digital camera with a large memory card is essential. Bring a good yarn (a book) for those hot afternoons in the summer. In Amber Fort, a nose-clip if the elephant in front of you is reminding you of his last meal! Plenty of cash and lots of patience in Jaipur while shopping. Swish clothes for a meal out in one of Delhi's fancy fine-dines. Bring your spirit of adventure with you, as you navigate by bicycle through the narrow streets on a tour of Old Delhi!

The Golden Triangle cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are the most iconic destinations for travellers in India, and this should be the first place to plan a holiday to, whether you are a first time traveller to India, or on an expatriate assignment for a few years.


We have travelled the routes of the Golden Triangle several times and have promoted this destination for over 10 years now. And this intimate knowledge gives us the ability to offer you an honest and real approach in our advice – from planning your itinerary, suggesting activities and local excursions, choosing accommodation, and telling you when and how to slow down and savour some of its more earthy experiences.


To most of our customers, travel to the Golden Triangle normally means a heady rush of history and architecture and some fabulous shopping, actually meant to be enjoyed at a relaxed pace. For others, it may be a spare weekend to make use of and see just the Taj. And yet for others its about slowing down and seeing some of the hidden aspects of this area - its urban secrets and its wide-open wilderness spaces.  For all of you, we have a set of suggested itineraries that you can modify to suit your needs, or we can do an itinerary tailor-made to your interests.


For all of these holidays, we work directly with the hotels and organisations we choose for you to visit and stay at. And for your safe transport needs and highly qualified guides, we work with one of Rajasthan’s most respected travel companies, a husband-wife team based in Jaipur and Delhi, who have made a name for themselves over the last 50-years, managing discreet bespoke travel for US Presidents, Hollywood stars, diplomats and other expats.

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