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| Fair & Responsible Business Practice Policy

We believe in practicing business responsibly and fairly. We support businesses that are environmentally conscious, and we work with local partners in supporting the local economy in terms of entrepreneurship and occupations.  We also work closely with partners that are involved in social development and find ways to bring travellers to their projects. The key principles of how we operate in India are listed below:

We strongly promote accommodations that are Indian owned or locally owned. These accommodations must practice environmentally conscious practices in the way they manage their energy, waste and water. Businesses must be socio-economically responsible by creating local employment, having a balanced gender ratio, and must support local businesses in their area.


We strongly believe in philanthropy through travel. This means working closely with non-profit organisations that offer tourism-related experiences that bring travellers closer to their projects to raise awareness and also using these tourism products to raise funds for their development work.


We promote slow travel. This means taking a train journey (with a reduced carbon footprint) instead of a flight or going by foot instead of by car. Slow travel also makes journeys more immersive and rewarding. We promote slow travel experiences such as cycling and walking tours extensively.


Our local accommodation, tour and transport partners do not have to make any commitment (financial or otherwise) to us other than allowing us to promote their products and services.


We do not force our local partners into any restrictive business arrangements. This ensures that they are free to market and sell their products and services to others too.


We do not block room inventory with our partners and hold back their business. When we do make a reservation, we always ask for a release date, by which we either pay for the booking or release it back to the hotel. We pay all our suppliers promptly and honour their cancellation policies.


We use local transport, agents and guides. Not only does this provide local employment and sustain occupations but it also offers you the best opportunity to culturally immerse yourself in the area you are visiting.


There are a number of retailers who pay a commission to tour operators to take customers to their shop. This is unfair, both to the customers and to other local traders. Milesworth and its suppliers do not approve of such practices and do not participate.


We work hard to keep our overheads low to enable us to offer our travellers the most competitive prices.









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