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Incredible Scenery

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful destinations on earth, drawing thousands of visitors every year to its sandy shores. Responsible development has ensured the natural beauty of the islands has been preserved, keeping the sand white and the water clear. The sunsets are particularly spectacular, casting a spectrum of colour onto the ocean below.


Privacy and seclusion

The Maldives is the perfect choice for those really looking to get away from it all. On most islands, only one resort is permitted per island, ensuring the islands don’t become over-populated with visitors, and most high-end hotels have private beaches ensuring guests can while away their days in almost complete solitude.

The Maldives is famed for its rare underwater beauty and boasts some of the best diving sites in the world. The profusion of psychedelic colours and the abundant variety of life underwater have fascinated many. The warm waters and excellent clarity allows you to fully appreciate this magic, the region has to offer as visibility can be more than 50 meters. Diving remains one of the most popular activities and most hotels have their own professional dive schools so you can learn or go with other experienced divers. There are also excellent snorkelling opportunities around the islands on the easily accessible coral reefs.


Diving and Snorkelling



The food in the Maldives is some of the freshest, most exotic seafood found anywhere in the world. Here visitors can literally feast nightly on lobster, scallops, octopus, squid, tuna and anything else that swims with a tail cooked in every imaginable way. The Asian flavours of the islands often involve curry, coconut, and other exotic spices. In the Maldives they serve things cooked in ways most people have never heard of or much less eaten.


Sporting and Recreational Activities  

There are many sporting activities available throughout the islands which are mainly water based such as Big Game Fishing, windsurfing, sailing and kayaking. Some resorts do offer tennis and other recreational activities in the hotel. There are a few excursions available such as the submarine ride where non divers can experience the underwater pleasures of the destination and a day visit to the capital, Male where you can experience the local market and explore all the shopping opportunities.


Sea and Ocean unlimited

If you have a thing for the ocean, Maldives is the place to spend your vacation. From water sports like windsurfing jet ski and banana boat rides or fishing trips with family, to diving into the coral garden heavens or shipwrecks and snorkeling, Maldives can be enjoyed to the fullest in the turquoise waters with family since the water stays at a warm temperature of 27 degrees all year long. A true taste of paradise awaits you in Maldives where over a thousand islands makes up the Republic of the Maldives. You will find resort islands that are beautifully set in the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. On white sandy beaches gently sloping into the water, you will find seclusion, peace and feel a world away from daily life at home.



As a sun lover, you will love The Maldives. The tropical climate with warm temperatures year round and lots of sunshine is one of the best features. The temperature stays fairly constant year round varying between 26C and 30C. You may experience a little rain in the southwest monsoon from May to October but on average the overall rainfall is minimal.


Pollution free environment.

The Maldives, as you know it, is a thread of little islands, where Luxury meets nature. All resorts are all natural and does not have any factories, vehicles, or any source of pollution creating industrial processes carried out anywhere near the luxury resort islands. You and your family will be safe from all the pollution, in fresh air, where you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


Pamper yourself

Maldives is home to some of the globe’s most refined resorts and ultimate luxury stays, which provide the epitome of worldly pleasures, from opulent suites, rejuvenating spa treatments, to fine dining.


Reef Madness

Divers who come to the Maldives in search of sharks will not be disappointed. Thousands of dive tourists visit each year with just that single minded purpose: to catch a glimpse of one of the 26 species of sharks, including the popular reef shark, native to the waters of the Maldives.


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