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Singapore & Bintan

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Milesworth in Singapore & Bintan

Whether you are taking your first cautious steps to traveling outside India, or you are a recently relocated expatriate in India looking for an Asian travel experience, there is no better place to start off – in Singapore. The city is often visited in combination with Malaysia or Thailand due to its proximity to these countries, or popular as a stopover for those traveling into Asia and beyond. Our first-hand experience of the city allows us to recommend the finest hotels such as the legendary Raffles, international four and five-star hotels, or old Chinese shophouses converted into some of Asia’s hippest boutique hotels. We also offer a range of experiences from guided walks, escorted day tours, visits to local attractions, and airport transfers. For Bintan, we know the best hotels for you and can organise ferry transfers.

Getting There

Singapore is well-connected with Chennai and other major cities in India by frequent daily flights.


From Chennai, Singapore Airlines operates two flights a day - one is a day flight (great if you have more time to spare or travelling with kids), and the other a night flight arriving early in the morning (that will leave you bleary-eyed; remember very few hotels give early check-ins!). Jet Airways and Air India also fly daily. Among the low cost-carriers, you have the choice of Singapore-based Tiger Airways and Air India Express.


Once you arrive in Singapore's Changi Airport (or its new low-cost terminal), you are transferred as part of your holiday itinerary (which means someone's holding a placard) or you can use the very efficient public taxi service (look for signs leading you to the taxi line).


Sentosa Island is connected with Singapore in a multitude of ways. You can have a taxi drive you over crossing the new bridge connecting both islands, take a public transport bus, take the Sentosa Express monorail from Vivo City Mall, or the scenic cable car route.


If you are going direct to Bintan Island on arrival in Singapore, then just take a cab to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (about 15 mins from Changi). Usually transfers and ferry tickets are included in your price. At Bintan, transfers are almost always included in the price.

Travel Documents & Money

All Indian citizens need a valid passport and visa to enter Singapore. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure from Singapore back home. The Singapore visa can be procured directly in-house from Milesworth through a special preferred agents programme. Read our section on Travel Documentation.  For Indonesia, a visa is issued on arrival at Bintan. Please keep some 10-20 US$ cash handy.


If you hold a foreign passport and are resident in India, you may not require a visa for Singapore and Indonesia, depending upon your nationality. To find out more, please call our Travel Documentation team at +91 98400 60394 or email


Credit cards are accepted everywhere in Singapore and Indonesia.

Singapore & Bintan can be visited year-round. It is generally hot and humid with temperatures between 20-30 deg C. The wettest period is from November – January and driest from May – July. However it rarely rains all day – a short torrential downpour is usually replaced by sunshine, typical of a place that sits practically on the Equator.

Don't Forget...

Nothing. You can pretty much buy everything you need for a holiday in Singapore at a much lower price!

But, remember, you cannot carry cigarettes or chewing gum back into Singapore from Bintan! Bring good walking shoes (or buy some quickly) for the shopping malls. Wear light cotton clothes as Singapore is both warm and very sticky and humid outdoors. Bring a small umbrella for that unpredictable shower.

Travel Responsibly

While in Singapore, please follow all the rules and laws of the country, particularly those on jaywalking, chewing gum, or littering. Fines are strictly enforced. When in Singapore, try and spend money in the smaller restaurants, hawker centres, and streetside shops so that they benefit as well in addition to the big-brand labels and fast food chains. And choose hotels to stay in where there is a strong commitment to environmental practices in waste, water and energy conservation.

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