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Milesworth Travel is capable of obtaining and facilitating visas for all countries who have an embassy or can issue a visa in India.


The following countries' visas can be obtained in Chennai itself:


  • United States of America (we offer professional advice)

  • United Kingdom (we offer professional advice)

  • Germany and Scandinavia (applied through Visa Facilitation Services - VFS)

  • France (applied through Visa Facilitation Services - VFS)

  • Canada (applied through Visa Facilitation Services - VFS)

  • Australia & New Zealand (applied through Visa Facilitation Services - VFS) - read below

  • United Arab Emirates (through VFS Dubai Centre, when flying with Emirates Airlines)

  • Malaysia (directly with the local embassy)

  • Sri Lanka (directly with the local embassy or visa on arrival)

  • Thailand (applied through Visa Facilitation Services - VFS or visa on arrival)

  • Singapore (issued directly with local embassy)


For all other countries, we apply for visas through our trusted partners in Mumbai & New Delhi.

Travel Documentation

Milesworth Travel offers you the whole range of travel documentation services from passport-related assistance and visa applications to travel insurance and international driving permits.

Visa Services

Milesworth Travel partners with a select number of non-life insurance companies to offer you the best travel insurance policy for your travel within India or overseas.


Insurance policies are issued and printed instantly in-house. Call us for more details.

Travel Insurance

Milesworth Travel offers other services such as assistance with international driving permits, advice on foreigners registration, work permits, and transfer of residence. These services are based on individual expertise subject to such individuals being available in the office for advice.

Miscellaneous Documentation Services

Travel Documentation

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